Italian newspaper: The Palermo summit on Libya is useless

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Italian newspaper Il Manifesto published today an article by its writer Alberto Negri in which he discussed the conference on Libya that will commence on Monday.

Negri described the conference as “useless”, writing that “no one except the UN, the mother of all failures, intends to put the hat on and presents the plan already exposed in New York to the Security Council by the envoy Ghassem Salamé.”

“The uselessness of the Libyan conference in Palermo is perceived by the absence of international leaders, except perhaps of the Russian premier [Dmitry] Medvedev, that [Vladimir] Putin uses as a joker when he does not want to drop the ace [Sergei] Lavrov.” wrote Negri.

“Even Minister for Foreign Affairs Enzo Moavero Milanesi believes so. A little few days ago he characterized the appointment as a “service” conference, a definition never before heard in the diplomatic jargon.” Negri added.

“Perhaps this meeting in Palermo was to be preceded by a summit of clarification by Italy-France, which for years together with the Libyan factions are the true protagonists of this derby of the decay in North Africa and clouded more than the others – in the company of Turkey, monarchies of the Gulf and Egypt – the waters of the Mediterranean, also fighting over the skin of hundreds of thousands of migrants.”

“We are “service” as the Foreign Minister says, that is, we set the table for the division of resources in Comanche territory where once, with Andreotti, Prodi, D’Alema, Eni and Berlusconi’s kiss, we were the guests of honor under the Cape tent.”, Negri concludes.


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