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Academic: Wealth produced by oil Industry needs to stay in Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ABERDEEN – Italy’s attempts to foster stability in Libya have seemingly come to an impasse during the Palermo conference in Sicily, with the EU and other foreign powers attempting to stem the flow of migrants from the country. Sputnik spoke on how the situation could be resolved to Dr Ilia Xypolia, Lecturer in Politics & International Relations at Aberdeen, Sputnik reported.

When asked to what extent were Europe and the West responsible for the Libyan conflict, Dr Ilia Xypolia said: They are the ones in 2011 who took the initiative to overthrow Gaddafi’s government. As problematic as it was; the situation was much better for Libyans at that time than it has been for the last seven years.All the strategies designed by the main western powers are the ones that have created all this chaos and I would say that their role in shaping divisions in the country dates back to the previous century as well; from the Italian imperial rule that has left a legacy even in today’s contemporary politics.

When Xypolia was asked about how the situation could be resolved, she said: The conflict in Libya is due to personal ambition and the nation’s stolen wealth, both the local political leaders and two governments in Libya and of western leaders. In order for the situation in Libya to improve, the key will be in the arrangement of the natural resources.

All the ongoing initiatives by the Italians and the French are aiming to stabilize to a certain extent the politics in the government, in order to stabilise the oil market and the oil industry.

I would say that the wealth produced by the oil industry needs to stay in the Libyan territory instead of going abroad.


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