Libya: Displacement Mobility Tracking – Event Tracker Update (1-31 October)

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

LIBYA – International Organization for Migration (IOM) issued a report on displacement mobility tracking for the period from October 1 to 31. Most of the areas covered in the report were in Tripoli due to the Capital August clashes.

  • Tajoura, Tripoli area

As the security situation remained calm during the reporting period, 250 families returned to their homes. 13 families are still displaced in Tajoura following the clashes in September, unable to return due to severe damage to their homes.

  • Swani Bin Adam, Tripoli area

An estimated 700 migrants arrived to Swani Bin Adam in October, most reportedly in transit to other locations.

  • Ain Zara, Tripoli

Approximately 950 individuals returned to their homes in Ain Zara as the security situation remained stable throughout October.

  • Aljufra

Around 900 migrants arrived in Aljufra in October; reportedly, the majority arrived for seasonal work and in transit to other locations.

  • Derna

Around 365 individuals returned to Derna in October as the security situation reportedly stabilized; reported needs include food, NFIs, medicine and protection.

  • Abu Slim, Tripoli

Around 3,925 individuals returned to their homes in Abu Slim, including some families in need of shelter and NFI assistance due to damage to their homes.
Furthermore, an estimated 3,000 migrants also returned to Abu Slim following the end of hostilities.

  • Misrata

Around 170 Families returned to Tawergha, however not all of them are permanently staying there due to lack of basic services. An estimated 500 to 1,000 migrants arrived and transited during the reporting period.

  • Zliten

15 individuals reportedly left Suq Alkhamis and arrived in Zliten; reported needs include food and clothing.


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