Interim Government opens the King Idris Senusi Museum in Jaghbub Oasis

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

JAGHBUB – The Libyan Antiquities Authority of the Interim Government opened a museum in Jaghbub Oasis called King Idris Senusi Museum in the presence of the head of the municipal branch – Jaghbub, the commander of the military zone and the council of elders and dignitaries of the region.

The museum, according to the information office of the Authority, a collection of various holdings that were discovered in the Oasis, stressing that preparations are underway to equip a showroom for the Royal period.

The opening of the museum came after the awareness campaign carried out by the Antiquities Authority during the month of October 2017, Head of the Authority Dr. Ahmed Hussein said, referring that a citizen had handed over a collection of swords dating back to the Royal era.

The opening of the Jagboub Museum is the beginning of the journey of the return of the Jagbub pieces to their natural place, pointing out that the mummy of Jaghbub will soon be restored, He added.




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