Medvedev: Top priority in Libya is to promptly consolidate security forces

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

PALERMO – Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, said on Tuesday that the situation regarding the Libyan settlement is challenging and the country’s political figures find it hard to communicate with each other.

“The situation is not easy,” Medvedev told reporters after the conference on Libya in Italy’s Palermo. “Unfortunately, it is linked to those dramatic events, which occurred in 2011 and some of them had been directly inspired by our partners in the European Union, the United States and some other countries.”

Among the priorities for Libya the Russian premier called the creation of a new political system, which Libyans should define themselves and that should include all state institutions – its supreme executive and legislative branches.

Medvedev noted that the negotiations are complicated and the sides cannot agree on many issues. “We take part in this since we believe that this important for the entire region and in the end, this is important to ensure a calm climate in Europe because a whole number of problems originate directly from Libya now,” he said speaking about gangs, drug dealers and supporters of radical ideology.

Medvedev has spoken against setting artificial time-frames for intra-Libyan dialogue.

“We must not set artificial deadlines for the intra-Libyan dialogue,” he said.

According to the Russian prime minister, elections in Libya should be appointed depending on the security situation in that country “so that voters don’t fear for their lives when coming to polling stations.”

“That is why on the top priority tasks is to promptly consolidate security forces, revive national law enforcement structures on a non-regional basis,” Medvedev said.

He called for equal and respectful cooperation with all political forces in Libya. “Now, this position of Russia is winning broader and broader international support,” he added.


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