Ouyahia: Political process in Libya requires the cessation of foreign interventions

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

PALERMO – Algeria’s Prime Minister, Ahmed Ouyahia, said on Tuesday, following a meeting of representatives of several countries in Palermo, that the political process in Libya requires the cessation of foreign interventions.

Ouyahia affirmed that foreign interference in the Libyan crisis is one of the main reasons for the perpetuation of the conflict in that country because is slows the peace process.

While hammering that the solution to the crisis in Libya “must emanate from Libyan actors who must own the political process in their country,” Ouyahia stressed that this “requires the cessation of foreign interventions”.

“Every country has the right to have its own ambitions in Libya, but everyone must admit that the fulfillment of these ambitions first requires Libya in peace, in the preservation of its unity and integrity,” he said.

He further emphasized that “the will of Libyans must be respected so that they themselves can choose their leaders and their future”.

In conclusion, Ahmed Ouyahia reiterated at the same time “the rejection of any military intervention in Libya that will only complicate and aggravate the current situation”.


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