The world’s most dangerous countries revealed: Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia are the riskiest places

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

SINGAPORE – Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia are the most dangerous places on earth, according to a new map designed for travelers that alerts them to risks abroad.

The interactive “Travel Risk Map 2019” reveals the countries where travelers are most likely to have trouble when it comes to road safety, security and medical matters.

Nordic countries Finland, Norway and Iceland have been labelled the safest places on the map.

International SOS and Control Risks publish Travel Risk Map 2019 to help organisations better understand the risks in the markets where they operate and travel, International SOS stated.

The Travel Risk Map displays each country’s medical risk rating and travel security risk rating.  The result is a comprehensive overview of risks by destination. Highlighting to organisations the need for travel risk mitigation efforts, according to International SOS.


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