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Arrival of 900 million dinars as liquidity for Cyrenaica coming from Tripoli is a rumor for misleading: CBL official

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Al-BAIDA – The chairman of the Liquidity Committee of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) – Al-Baida, Ramzi Agha, denied the arrival of 900 million Libyan dinars to liquidity for the eastern region (Cyrenaica) coming from Central Bank of Libya Tripoli.

In a comment on his personal Facebook page, Agha explained that the amount of cash that the CBL – Tripoli distributed since 2015 to this day is fifteen billion and five hundred million dinars.

Al-Baida CBL’s share of this amount was 900 million dinars in intermittent consignments, the last of which was 20 million dinars, Cyrenaica’s share was 6% of liquidity 8% letters of credit, Agha confirmed.

These figures are confirmed by numbers, not by rumors on the Facebook, of the arrival of liquidity from Tripoli for the purpose of misleading, Agha noted out.


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