Amnesty International calls on Libyan and European authorities not to force migrants to disembark in Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

LONDON – Amnesty International released a statement on Friday regarding the situation of migrants whom are still on board a merchant vessel at the port of Misurata. The human rights organization called on Libyan and European authorities not to force the migrants to disembark in Libya.

“Libyan, European and Panamanian authorities must ensure that at least 79 refugees and migrants who are on board a merchant vessel at the port of Misratah are not forced to disembark to be taken to a Libyan detention centre where they could face torture and other abuse” said Amnesty International.

“The refugees and migrants, including a number of children, were found as they attempted to reach Europe by boat across the Mediterranean. Amnesty International understands that Italian and Maltese maritime authorities were involved in the operation, carried out by the merchant ship Nivin. Flying a Panamanian flag, the Nivin picked the group up in the central Mediterranean on 8 November and returned them to Libya, in what appears to be a clear breach of international law, given that Libya cannot be considered a safe place to disembark.”

More than 80 migrants picked up by a cargo ship off the Libyan coast a week ago have refused to disembark in the western city of Misurata. Several international human rights organizations reported that migrants in Libya’s detention centers are subjected to serious human rights abuses including rape and torture.

Amnesty demanded that Libyan authorities put an end to “the ruthless policy of unlawfully detaining refugees and migrants.” While adding, “no one should be sent back to Libya to be held in inhumane conditions and face torture and other ill-treatment.”


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