UNHCR Flash Update Libya (10-17 Nov. 2018)

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

LIBYA – On 10 November, a cargo ship reached the port of Misrata (187 km east of Tripoli), carrying 95 refugees and migrants who were intercepted at sea in the attempt to reach Europe. The migrants, subsequently refused to disembark the boat onto Libyan soil. The individuals on board comprise of Bangladeshi, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Pakistani, Somali, South Sudanese and Sudanese nationals, and initially included one woman and one infant. Some 28 of the migrants are estimated to be minors.

On 14 November, a total of 14 individuals, including a woman and a three-month-old baby, voluntarily disembarked the vessel.

The humanitarian community has been closely monitoring the situation since its beginning, and ensured that the
necessary assistance is being provided to people on the boat. UNHCR and its humanitarian partners are providing water, food and core relief items to the people aboard the ship alongside medical assistance.

The humanitarian community reiterates that disembarkation following search and rescue should be to a place of safety, and calls for the peaceful resolution of the situation.


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