Saleh: Many of the criticisms directed at HoR aim to undermine us

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TOBRUK – Chancellor Aguila Saleh, the president of the House of Representatives, said that there is a lot of criticism directed to the HoR that is “intended for the purpose of criticism only and prepares for foreign intervention.” The goal of such criticism is to remove him from the HoR presidency in order to pass the illegitimate government of Fayez Al-Sarraj, Saleh said.

In an interview with 218 News TV on Sunday, Saleh said he has “a patriotic and moral responsibility that prevents him from leaving office,” adding that the international community has no authority to disqualify him because he was “elected from Libyans and their representatives.”

Saleh also confirmed that he is preparing in the coming days for “an imminent decision regarding the absence of deputies from the HoR sessions” without specifying the date of its issuance.

He also denied all the accusations of corruption toward the House of Representatives, explaining that the HoR budget “does not exceed 100 million dinars.” He reiterated that “it is not subject to accusations of corruption.”