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A media investigation reveals illicit business of oil smuggling between Libya and Malta

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – An exclusive investigation by Italian journalist, Giorgio Mottola, reveals how six billion euros have been evaded by the Italian tax authorities following the phenomenon of oil smuggling.

The investigation, which will broadcast as a documentary report Monday evening on Italian TV channel Rai3, highlights the shady plot of illicit business between Libya, Italy and Malta.

The investigation reveals that Libya’s fuel arrives in Italy through Maltese smugglers and brokers whom import illegal loads thanks to agreements with armed factions in Libya. An armed militia in Libya trades oil with two Maltese brokers, the cousins ​​Debono, who then manage to get it to Sicily.

Commenting on the report, Lorenzo Cremonesi of Corriere della Sera, wrote, “the investigation leads to sensational, disconcerting results, so much to highlight the widespread rottenness in recent years in the energy market, where the major multinationals operate often in a more or less conscious league with the worst of the mafias and even with ISIS and the merchants of human beings between Africa, Libya and Europe. It is shown that Tamoil, Q8, Api and unknowingly the Italian Navy have filled up with smuggled diesel, as the journalist Giorgio Mottola recounts among others thanks to the testimony of an Italian broker.”


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