GNA’s Interior Ministry holds a meeting with international diplomats to discuss the migrant situation in Misurata

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Undersecretary for Immigration of the Interior Ministry of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord, Mohamed Al-Shaibani, held a meeting on Sunday with ambassadors and representatives of the countries whose nationals are present inside a ship in the port of Misurata, refusing to disembark in Libya.

According to a statement by the Tripoli-based Ministry, Al-Shaibani stressed the need to work with the negotiating team as soon as possible, and to involve embassies to solve this humanitarian crisis. Al-Shaibani offered some solutions to the crisis in cooperation with the international organizations concerned with the migration dossier.

Al-Shaibani said that the Ministry is dealing with this crisis “with all human values” and it’s “avoiding violence as a final solution.”

The representatives and ambassadors present at the meeting were Ambassador of Bangladesh and his assistant, Consul General of the Embassy of Sudan, Consul General of the Embassy of Pakistan, and a representative of the Embassy of Somalia.

On 10 November, a cargo ship reached the port of Misurata (187 km east of Tripoli), carrying 95 migrants who were intercepted at sea in the attempt to reach Europe. The migrants, subsequently refused to disembark the boat onto Libyan soil. On 14 November, a total of 14 individuals, including a woman and a three-month-old baby, voluntarily disembarked the vessel.

Amnesty International issued a statement on Friday calling on Libyan and European authorities not to force the migrants to disembark in Libya.


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