Italian official: Libyan electoral style dictated by its main political references

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – The Undersecretary of the Italian Defense Ministry, Angelo Tofalo, said on Monday that Libya’s electoral style will be dictated by its main political references.

“Italy should promote dialogue, stimulate common choices between different interlocutors,” Tofalo said in an interview with Italian newspaper La Verità, “while respecting the sovereignty of the Libyan people.”

Speaking about the recent conference on Libya in Palermo, Tofalo said, “If President Emmanuel Macaron wants dialogue on an equal footing on the Libyan dossier, we are ready to seek common solutions,” before adding, “But Italy will not allow any other steps that undermine Europe’s cohesion and the international balance.”

“Libya today, thanks to the continuous work of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the entire Italian government, once again expresses its appreciation for our frank and respectful diplomatic approach,” the official said. “We are building a great commitment, a new relationship of trust, with Libya,” he concluded.


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