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NOC follows up on Benghazi projects

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Chairman of the Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, held a meeting at NOC’s Tripoli headquarters last Thursday with Fathi Saed, team lead for the Benghazi Oil Technical Centre (BOTC) in the Al-Muraisa free-zone, and Yousef Abdul Hadi, project lead for NOC’s new Benghazi offices, to discuss the latest developments regarding the two projects.

The BOTC will help localize advanced technology capabilities in Libya, providing new job opportunities and developing further prospects for training and practical development.

According to a statement by NOC on Monday, Sanalla stressed that the corporation is in constant contact with relevant authorities to speedily facilitate the completion of NOC’s Benghazi mega-project.

NOC launched these projects at the Benghazi International Oil and Gas Forum late October.


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