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Oil Libya re-brands to OLA Energy

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

KENYA – Libya Oil Kenya Limited unveiled a new visual identity Wednesday, under the brand OLA Energy, the new brand for its extensive network of retail outlets and petroleum products.

The new brand is symbolic of the company’s expanding market offering as a modern pan-African energy retailer that seeks to cater to the rapidly changing demands of consumers. In Kenya, the new brand will be initially introduced in a number of pilot stations across the retail network. These include Parklands, Waiyaki Way and Forest Edge.

This will be followed by a phased rollout throughout the companies’ entire retail network of 80 stations in the country bringing a modern and fresh new look. The re-branding will also be implemented in 1100 stations in the Group’s 17 countries operating across Africa.

“This new brand captures the essence of our company as a modern energy player across our footprint in Kenya and Africa; it characterizes our strength and success, and expresses the drive and ambition felt throughout our Group in this phase of its evolution,” noted Libya Oil Holdings CEO, Mazin Ramadan.

Under the new name and brand, OLA Energy will accentuate its focus on exceptional customer care, offering new complementary services in response to its customers’ evolving needs. It will also continue to deliver on its reputation as a dynamic pan-African retailer with an unrivaled portfolio of products and services in its operating markets.

“Our teams and partners are committed to working together as one to deliver on the promise of our new brand; by ensuring that our customers always come first, we will offer a standard of excellence in our products and services that distinguishes us from the crowd and befits the vitality of this magnificent continent,” Ramadan said.  ”OLA Energy will allow us to unlock growth opportunities, strengthen our position in new and existing markets, and expand our involvement in the energy sector under a stronger, more modern international brand,” he added.

The new retail visual identity reflects the Group’s guiding vision to be Africa’s downstream marketer of choice, shaping African energy and empowering African born prosperity. Above all, it encapsulates the spirit of what is a truly African business delivering the highest international quality standards; a brand created and driven by Africans, for Africans. The Orange-Blue color scheme reflects both the energy and vitality of the business, as well as the high-quality standards of the brand. It promises a multitude of refreshing, customer-oriented products and services offered at its stations.

“OLA Energy pays homage to our proud heritage – the new name is abbreviated from ‘OiLibya Africa’ – whilst also marking a bold step toward our future; we are working to introduce a new range of fresh retail experiences to our customers, in keeping with our mission to deliver the highest quality services to every visitor to our service stations across the continent,” said Mr. Ramadan.




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