Milanesi: Perrone’s return must be resolved quickly

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Italy’s Foreign Minister, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, said on Thursday that the issue of the presence of Italy’s ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Perrone, must be resolved quickly.

Milanesi said, during immediate response to questions in the Chamber of Deputies, that the return of the ambassador is “urgent” and “to be resolved in the shortest time”.

“The Italian Ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Perrone, did not take part in the Palermo conference, but it is quite clear that the analyzes he carried out in the course of his work have made an important contribution to the preparation of the conference itself,” said Milanesi, in a reference to the conference on Libya which Italy hosted in Palermo earlier this month.

The Italian government, said Milanesi, “intends to ensure the presence of the head of mission in Tripoli in the shortest time and indicates that the embassy’s activity has never been suspended, but has continued even in the difficult situations that have occurred.”

Milanesi added, “the question of the presence of the head of mission is urgent and to be solved quickly. The government is already doing all the appropriate assessments in order to take this decision as soon as possible.”

Perrone was sent back to Italy on August 10th and since then he has not returned to Libya. His departure came following his comments on the Libyan elections which were widely condemned by Libya’s political and social circles and sparked mass demonstrations across the country.


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