EU says Libya is not a safe harbor for migrants but declares itself “not competent” to find alternative solutions

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BRUSSELS – The European Commission’s spokesperson for immigration, Natasha Bertaud, said in a press conference on Thursday that European Commission does not believe that Libya meets the conditions to be a safe port of disembarkation for immigrants rescued on the high seas.

However, Bertaud said that European Commission is “not competent” to help find alternative solutions for migrants aboard a Spanish fishing boat which is trapped in international waters near Libya.

Last weekend, around thirty migrants left the Libyan port of Khoms in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean. Their boat was approached by the Libyan Coast Guard who punctured the boat and returned 26 migrants to Libya. The other 12 jumped from the boat and began to swim towards the Spanish fishing boat named “Nuestra Madrede Loreto”.

Head of Proactiva Open Arms, Riccardo Gatti, warned the Spanish government that disembarking migrants in Libya would constitute a violation of international law.

Open Arms warns Spain against disembarking migrants in Libya


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