Nephew of Tripoli-based CBL governor was reportedly caught leaving Malta with €25,000 in undeclared cash

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

VALLETTA – A 33-year old Libyan man named, Azam Mohammed Omar al-Kabir, was detained by Maltese authorities after he passed through customs at the Malta International Airport on Tuesday on his way to board a flight to Istanbul when he was found to be carrying €25,555 in cash, well over the maximum statutory limit of €10,000.

According to Times of Malta, the man was arrested and arraigned on Wednesday and charged with breaching cash control regulations.

Libyan media outlets reported that the man is the nephew of governor of the Tripoli-based Central Bank of Libya, Sadiq Omar al-Kabir.

Defense lawyer Edward Gatt explained that his client had traveled to Malta to sign a preliminary agreement for the purchase of a property locally. The man was not aware that the maximum amount he could carry through customs was €10,000.

A representative of the Customs Comptroller presented the excess sum of €15,555 in court, inside a sealed envelope duly signed by two officials who had confiscated and counted the sum beforehand.

In the light of the accused’s admission, duty magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech declared him guilty, ordered the forfeiture of €15,555 and handed down a fine of €6,388.75, the statutory 25% fine on the total amount found in the man’s possession.


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