New pictures of the Tazirbu captives with ISIS emerge

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TAZIRBU – Activists on social media sites published today several pictures showing a number of citizens who were kidnapped by ISIS during a terrorist attack on the town of Tazirbu on November 23.

The pictures showed about ten people holding their hands on their heads in a squatting position, facing a wall in what seemed to be a school.

The Tazirbu Media Center was the first to publish the pictures on its Facebook page, according to 218 TV.

Yesterday, the Minister of the Interior in the Interim Government, Chancellor Ibrahim Bushnaf, said that ISIS members who attacked Tazirbu sneaked into the city dressed in the army uniforms in camouflaged vehicles.

Bushnaf warned of new methods followed by the terrorist organization against the military and civilians.

Major security reinforcements from Interim Govt arrive in Tazirbu after deadly IS attack, PHOTOS


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