Libya will reportedly receive the migrants aboard a Spanish fishing boat

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Libya has accepted through diplomatic channels to receive the migrants whom are in the Spanish fishing which has been trapped in the Mediterranean for ten days, Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported.

According to El Mundo, the spokesman of the Tripoli-based Coast Guard, Ayoub Omar Qassem, explained that his authority has given its consent for humanitarian reasons and “in recognition of the work of Spain and its cooperation”

International organizations such as Proactiva Open Arms, Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International have warned Spain and the rest of the European countries that returning these migrants to Libya would violate international law, since Libya is not considered a safe haven.

“Under no circumstances should they be returned to Libya, where they would face arbitrary detention and possibly torture and other abuses.” said Matteo de Bellis, Researcher on Asylum and Migration at Amnesty International.

Last weekend, around thirty migrants left the Libyan port of Khoms in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean. Their boat was approached by the Libyan Coast Guard who punctured the boat and returned 26 migrants to Libya. The other 12 jumped from the boat and began to swim towards the Spanish fishing boat named “Nuestra Madrede Loreto”.


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