Spanish government confirms that fishing boat carrying rescued migrants heads to Malta

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MADRID – A Spanish fishing boat carrying 11 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya is heading to Malta, the Spanish government said on Sunday, bringing an end to a protracted standoff to find a safe port for the boat amid increasing European resistance to accepting migrants.

Two weeks ago, around thirty migrants left the Libyan port of Khoms in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean. Their boat was approached by the Libyan Coast Guard who punctured the boat and returned 26 migrants to Libya. The other 12 jumped from the boat and began to swim towards the Spanish fishing boat named “Nuestra Madrede Loreto”.

“From the beginning, the government has worked to ensure the boat, which is in international waters, goes to a safe and nearby port,” Deputy Prime Minister, Carmen Calvo, said in a statement confirming the news on Sunday.

The founder of Proactiva Open Arms, Oscar Camps, also reported the news via Twitter while accusing the Spanish government of “playing with the safety” of migrants.

“The government now says Santa Madre de Loreto should head to Malta. Late, wrong and unscrupulous. Playing with the security of people who have gone 10 days without news, amid a rough storm, and with one person rescued by helicopter and a high risk for the whole crew,” Oscar Camps wrote on Twitter on Sunday morning.



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