Libyan Alfirjany wins second in the Swedish Luciapokalen Bodybuilding Championship

The Address | Benghazi – Libya | Faraj Aljarih

STOCKHOLM – Libyan bodybuilding champion Mohammed Muftah Alfirjany won in the Swedish Luciapokalen Bodybuilding Championship, where he finished second in the category of adults weighing less than eighty kilograms.


Alfirjany in the Luciapokalen Bodybuilding Championship


Alfirjany, in an interview with The Address today, said that this win came after short preparations for the competition. “The preparations were challenging because of the many responsibilities I have. In addition to being a bodybuilding athlete, I am also a father of six children, a student completing my studies, and I work in social services for five hours a day.” He added.

Alfirjany also said that he used to train twice a day during the preparations period, which was supposed to be at least six months before the competition. He said he intensively completed the preparations in just two months under the supervision of Libyan coach Osama Al-Fitouri.

“I did not train for so long. The last competition I was part of was the 18th Benghazi Championship for Bodybuilding in 2002,” he said, referring to the competition in Benghazi, Libya, where he came first in the category of adults weighing 70kg.


Luciapokalen Bodybuilding Championship Second Place Award


After moving to Sweden, Alfirjany began a year of training, although he suffered a clavicle injury that forced him to suspend training for some time.

The Libyan champ came second in Luciapokalen after Jacob Anderson from Team Elit Nutrition. He received 33 points from the championship committee. Alfirjany expressed his gratitude to his wife, saying that she has always been by his side in all the difficult and wonderful times. “Without her, this achievement would not have been possible.” He added.

He also expressed his gratefulness to the B-Strong Sweden team, which is a Swedish team made up of a group of athletes who were joined by Alfirjany. He said that this team had “great credit” in the achievement he accomplished through supporting and believing in him along the way.


B-Strong Sweden team
B-Strong Sweden team


After the Luciapokalen Championship, Mohamed Alfirjany also won a sponsorship from Swedish Supplements. He hopes to accomplish greater achievements in future competitions he is preparing for with his colleagues in the B-Strong Sweden team.

The Luciapokalen Championship, which is organized by the Swedish Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, is one of the oldest competitions in this field. This year, it was organized in Stockholm from November 30th to December 2nd, with the participation of more than three hundred athletes from different categories and weights.


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