Tripoli-based Navy announces the rescue of ten migrants

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MISURATA – The Tripoli-based Navy on Saturday said 10 illegal immigrants were rescued and two bodies were recovered on a wooden boat that had carried 22 in total off the country’s western coast.

“A 6-meter long wooden boat lost at sea for 12 days has been found. The boat had carried 22 illegal immigrants who departed from the city of Sabratha,” the Navy’s Media Office said in a statement

“There were 12 on the boat when it was found: two dead and 10 alive. The surviving illegal immigrants, whom include an Algerian, an Egyptian, seven Africans and a woman, were rescued by the police and a red crescent team,” the statement added.

The Navy statement did not reveal details about the fate of the rest who were on the boat.


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