French Ambassador and Al-Mishri discuss elections in Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – France’s ambassador to Libya, Béatrice le Fraper du Hellen, met on Monday with chairman of the High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mishri, in the Council’s headquarters in Tripoli.

According to a statement by the Council’s Media Office, Al-Mishri noted that the day of their meeting, December 10th, marks the day set by the Paris Declaration to hold new elections in Libya.

Al-Mishri “expressed his regret over the lack of commitment by some parties to implement what had been agreed upon in the the declaration, hoping that parliamentary and presidential elections will be held under a permanent constitution as soon as possible.”

Rival Libyan factions agreed on a declaration that would create a political framework to pave the way for U.N.-backed elections in December during a conference hosted by France last May.


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