IOM: Almost 111,000 arrivals by sea in Europe in 2018, more than 2000 deaths

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

GENEVA – 110,833 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2018 through 9 December. This year is the fifth straight during which the arrival of irregular migrants and refugees has topped the 100,000 threshold – although 2018’s total is low compared to those recorded at this time in 2017 (165,536) and 2016 (354,395), International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported Tuesday.

IOM Rome’s Flavio Di Giacomo on Monday noted that all seaborne irregular arrivals in the Mediterranean region remain lower – by almost 10,000 people – than arrivals last year at this time to Italy alone. In 2017 through this date, Italy recorded 117,394 irregular arrivals of sea-borne migrants and refugees.

The Mediterranean region continues to account for most of deaths recorded globally, with 2,160 migrant deaths and disappearances recorded in 2018, IOM’s Missing Migrants Project (MMP) reported Monday.

MMP has recorded 3,395 people who have died or gone missing on migratory routes across the globe in 2018, IOM said.

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