Romanian security officer for UNSMIL shot dead in Tripoli

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TRIPOLI – A 38-year-old Romanian security officer for the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) was found shot in his room in the UN base in Tripoli, according to media reports.

The security officer was working for Protection and Guard Service (SPP), a Romanian institution designated to protect and defend dignitaries, as well as their family or close relatives. The institution operates independently, although it collaborates closely with the Romanian Ministry of National Defense.

SPP said it will investigate the incident and “deal with repatriation formalities together with UN authorities.”

“A 38-year-old SPP sub-officer in the UN-designated international protection mission in Libya was shot in his UN-based room in Libya. The authorities are currently conducting an investigation to elucidate the circumstances surrounding the death,”SPP said via a press release issued by MEDIAFAX, a Romanian news agency.

The man was employed in the 2004 by SPP and was at his third UN international mission after missions in Sudan and Afghanistan. He was married and had two children.


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