Essential humanitarian support reaches communities in Tawergha, nearby areas

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TAWERGHA – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) announced on Saturday that the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with the Tripoli-based Ministry of State for Displaced Affairs and the Local Council of Tawergha delivered essential humanitarian assistance to communities in Tawergha, 200 kilometers southeast of Libya’s capital Tripoli, and in the surrounding village of al-Emarat.

According to UNSMIL, IOM’s recent humanitarian support reached more than 100 families in Tawergha and 88 in nearby al-Emarat. IOM supplied families with generators, winter blankets, mattresses and hygiene kits, as well as diapers for children.

“Additionally, a distribution that took place on the same day included the delivery of handicrafts and knitting material to the community, and musical instruments that were provided to a local NGO which in turn handed over the items for the good benefit of a school.” UNSMIL said.

“These interventions have been supported by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and the Government of Canada.”

Virtually the entire population of the town was forced to leave after its takeover by forces from Misurata in 2011. A number of refugee camps crowded with Tawergha’s former residents were subjected to raids and arbitrary arrests by militias ever since.

IOM, through its Displacement Tracking Matrix, estimates that around 40,000 Tawerghans remain displaced across Libya whose needs require immediate humanitarian attention.


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