HoR member Nasia says presidential and parliamentary elections will be held by the end of next year

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TOBRUK – Chairman of the Dialogue Committee of the House of Representatives, Abdulsalam Nasia, said that presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya will be held by the end of next year.

Speaking to Sputnik, Nasia said there will be a referendum on the draft constitution and if the referendum’s result is “Yes”, presidential and parliamentary elections will be held no later than the end of next year 2019. Nasia said that holding elections “is the solution and we must reach an atmosphere in which to accept the outcome of the elections.”

“The presidential elections are a goal for us because since 2011 the problem of Libya has been to put it in the collective leadership box,” Nasia said before adding, “the Arab society is a patriarchal society. This does not mean that we call for the return of the dictatorship, but we need a very clear political decision that sponsors the political and constitutional process”

He stressed the the need to conduct the elections in good conditions and to accept its outcome. However, he stated that holding elections should not be linked to the security situation, otherwise elections will not be held at all in Libya.

“Yes, we need to improve the security situation but its improvement is linked to the political situation, so we in the House of Representatives suggested amending the political agreement and the unification of state institutions… this helps a lot on the issue of holding elections and accepting its results,” Nasia said, “I believe that elections results under one government are more likely to be acceptable than results under two governments, so we seek unification in order to pull the carpet from underneath the extremists both sides.”


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