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NOC and BPMC announce departure of fuel and gas convoy to the South

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – National Oil Corporation (NOC) and the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) announce the departure of 108 trucks carrying 3.479 million litres of vehicle fuel, 1.493 million litres of diesel, and 5 trucks carrying 100 metric tons of cooking gas from Misurata to the Sebha warehouse in the south of the country on 12 December, 2018, at 9:30am. The convoy will be escorted by a protection force to ensure the safety and security of drivers, NOC declared Tuesday.

This initiative is in accordance with NOC’s ongoing efforts to ensure the continuous delivery of fuel to the people of the south at official prices. BPMC will deliver fuel to the Sebha warehouse, with fuel quantities thereafter distributed to identified fuel stations through distribution companies in coordination with southern municipality mayors, NOC said.

BPMC commends the efforts of all participating security forces, including the Central Military Region, the Barak Military Area, the Sebha Military Area, and the Al Jufra Military Area. Collectively they will secure the road for the trucks of the Cooperative Arab Association for Oil Transport (CAAOT), in coordination with the mayor of Misurata and the mayors of the southern municipalities, according to the Corporation.

“Fuel distribution will be organized in coordination with the mayors of the municipalities, who should, together with municipality control services, monitor the activity of chosen stations to ensure that fuel is sold at official prices. Any violations should be reported to the company so that we can cease providing these stations with fuel and take necessary action against them – especially if they prove to be involved in smuggling activities,” Imad Benkoura, chairman of the BPMC management committee, commented.

” This is the result of many months of hard work, discussion and coordination with participating parties. BPMC plans to deliver supplies to southern regions periodically and continuously, provided that security is ensured to transport fuel – the main obstacle in recent past,” he added.

BPMC will publish delivered quantities on a daily basis on its Facebook Page. NOC and BPMC call upon all Libyan citizens to report any violations, closed stations, or stations which are not selling according to official prices by contacting municipalities directly or through the official BPMC Facebook page, NOC said.


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