Italian Deputy FM: Italy is ready to do its part to help Libya go to elections by 2019

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Italy’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Emanuela Del Re, said on Wednesday that her country is is ready to do its part to help Libya go to elections by spring of 2019.

Speaking in a hearing at the Committee on Foreign of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, Del Re also said that Italy will  provide training and technical assistance to future Libyan regular forces.

Del Re stressed that the Palermo conference on Libya, which was held last month, “provided an opportunity for constructive dialogue between the international community and the four main Libyan actors.”

“The final conclusions document outlines precise guidelines on which the Libyan and international commitment should be concentrated to maintain the consensus that emerged in Palermo on the conditions for allowing elections in the spring of 2019”, Del Re said.

After the House of Representatives announced the approval of the law for the constitutional referendum, Del Re says her government is “ready to provide all the support necessary for its work, as already demonstrated by the allocation of a million and a half euros in its favor.”

The deputy minister also stressed the importance of full implementation of the new security agreements in Tripoli, based on the deployment of regular forces to replace the current role of militias. 

“The formation of regular forces will be able to produce positive effects also for the discussions aimed at the reunification of the Libyan Armed Forces”, said Del Re. “In this context we welcomed the availability of the international community to undertake initiatives of support in terms of training to build the capacity of the Libyan security forces. Italy is ready to play its part to support the pursuit of this objective through training and technical assistance. “


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