Brussels public prosecutor’s office raids FPS Finance in relation to the case of Libya’s assets

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BRUSSELS – Brussels public prosecutor’s office issued a statement on Monday revealing that it has conducted a search in Federal Public Service Finance (FPS Finance), a service of the Treasury, in relation to the case of alleged abuse of Libya’s frozen assets.

According to the statement, the public prosecutor’s office said the search was conducted to “clarify the role of the administration in the decisions of the payment of the interests of the Libyan funds and in order to more precisely identify the recipient.”

In a similar context, Judge Michel Claise, who is investigating the case, have listed to the testimony of the former director general of the FPS Finance, Marc Monbaliu, in the context of the payment “of an amount approximating 2 billion euros corresponding to the interests of Libyan funds frozen by the United Nations,” said the public prosecutor’s office.

The payment was made “for the benefit of an unidentified entity, but it is suspected that it is the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), the official organ of the Libyan state,” according to the statement of the public prosecutor’s office.

Several international media reports accused the Belgian government of financing Libyan militias involved in human trafficking through frozen Libyan assets.

The UN Panel of Experts on Libya said in a final report in September this year that the payment of interest and other income contradicted the decision to freeze Libyan assets in general and violated sanctions on Tripoli.

Both the Belgian government and the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) have denied these allegations.

Anger in Libya after Belgium is Accused of Funding Militias from Frozen Gaddafi Accounts


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