Nearly 300 migrants rescued by Open Arms off Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The humanitarian ship Proactiva Open Arms has rescued nearly 300 migrants off Libya, said Friday the founder of the Spanish NGO.

“Only 24 hours after our arrival in the Mediterranean, Open Arms has rescued two boats on the high seas at the risk of drowning. More than 200 people, men, pregnant women, children, babies, ” tweeted Open Arms founder Oscar Camps.

He later announced the rescue of a third boat with “29 women, five children and 56 men” on board.

Among those rescued is a newborn baby. His mother gave birth on a beach in Libya two days before they were rescued by Open Arms.

According to the Spanish NGO, the mother and her newborn have been evacuated by Coast Guard helicopter to Malta, however, the rest of the migrants remain on board of Open Arms ship.

Italy’s Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, stated via Twitter on Saturday that that migrants rescued by Open Arms will not be received by Italy, writing that his country’s ports are “closed”.

“Open Arms ship, NGO and Spanish flag, has collected 200 immigrants, calls for an Italian port after the refusal of Malta (which has rightly landed a woman and a child). Italian ports are CLOSED! For the traffickers of human beings and for those who help them, the game is over.”

Open Arms founder, Oscar Camps, responded to Salvini’s remarks, and stated via Twitter, “Matteo Salvini, your rhetoric and your message, as everything in this life will end. But know that in a few decades your descendants will be ashamed of what you do and what you say.”


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