German NGO rescues 17 people off the Libyan coast

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BERLIN – The German aid organization Sea-Eye has taken 17 people from a wooden boat in the Mediterranean Saturday morning . The people were in distress and were taken up in international waters off the Libyan coast, said  Hans-Peter Buschheuer, a spokesman for the rescue organization.

The boat had been overloaded and was about 27 nautical miles from the coast. “People could not get anywhere by their own resources, no other ship was nearby,” he explained.

On board the rescue ship, 16 men and one woman.

According to the Sea-Eye, the Libyan Coast Guard asked the crew to hand over the rescued to them. However, Sea-Eye agreed with the Libyan Coast Guard, after negotiations, to keep the migrants. The NGO is now looking for a safe haven for the migrants.


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