30 dead after inter-community clashes broke on the Chadian-Libyan borders

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

N’DJAMENA – Inter-community clashes on the Chadian-Libyan caused between 20 and 30 dead and nearly 200 wounded.

According to local media, the violence occurred near gold mines in Kouri Bougoudi, in a border area between Chad and Libya.

The local media also reported that members of Libya’s southern Arab communities crossed the border with the aim of attacking the Ouaddai area, and after three days of fighting they moved to other areas.

The border area between Chad and Libya has been unstable territory for years due to the presence of Chadian rebel militias and the inability of the authorities to control the two sides of the border.

Frequent incidents of violence also occur on the Libyan side. The last took place last week when Chadian militias attacked the 10th Brigade in the city of Traghan leaving one person killed and eleven wounded.


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