Two IS suicide bombings in southern Libya while LNA pursuing them

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

GHADWA – Hours after a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the police station in the area of Ghadwa, south of Sabha, four other suicide bombers blew themselves up after being surrounded by the armed forces on Tuesday.

According to preliminary information obtained by the Address, the latest explosion left four suicide bombers dead.

Video footage showed the body of the suicide bomber who blew himself up in front of the gate of the Ghadwa police station.

On the other hand, some sources said that the dead were civilians, Mohammed Mahmoud al-Tabawi, Sultan Edino Tabawi and Saleh Baraka Tibawi, confirming that they were university students studying at the University of Sabha.

The Address sources confirmed that the combing operations and the pursuit of terrorists were still going on by the armed forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA).

LNA carried out an operation in which two abductees from al-Fuqaha and Tazirbo towns were released after being kidnapped by IS two months ago.

The spokesman of the LNA, Brigadier General Ahmad Al-Mismari, said in a special statement to the Address, that LNA was able to free 20 abductees from al-Fuqaha and Tazirbo.

The freeing operation came 60 days after they were abducted. Khalid bin Walid Bittalion of LNA said the abductees were being held in containers. Nine of them were taken to the hospital for treatment of symptoms of malnutrition and cold.

The Battalion appealed to citizens of the Municipality of Umm Al-Aranib and neighboring municipalities to exercise caution and report any suspicious vehicle that may travel inside cities or villages or even persons.

It also called for keeping away from human gatherings as much as possible and informing the nearest security source of any suspicious movement.

The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) welcomed the operation of freeing the abductees saying, “This is another strong example that Libyans, when they join forces, can defeat terrorism & overcome the challenges and ordeals facing their country.”


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