Tripoli-based Navy: We rescued 200 migrants last December

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Spokesman for the Tripoli-based Libyan Navy, Ayoub Omar Qassem, said that the Navy rescued 200 migrants last December.

Speaking to a local T.V. channel, Qassem said that the international community always wants to pressure Libya to take responsibility for migrants while European countries close their ports to them, adding that illegal migration is unacceptable.

“I consider that whoever enters the Libya waters in this atmosphere should be criminalized because that person is endangering his life. The person who risks himself and boards a boat in this environment must be placed under the law, that’s if the human rights organizations really want to help them instead of distributing the migrant boats in the stormy skies at the mercy of smugglers and organizations which try to profit from migration.”

He stressed the need to activate the 2010 law on illegal migration, which was suspended after the uprising of 2011 “in an irresponsible manner”


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