Frontex: Number of migrant departures from Libya dropped 87% from a year ago

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BRUSSELS – The European Border and Coast Guard Agency, also known as Frontex, stated in a press release on Friday that the number of irregular crossings at Europe’s borders at lowest level in 5 years.

“Last year the number of illegal border-crossings at Europe’s external borders has fallen by a quarter compared with 2017 to an estimated 150 000, the lowest level in five years. The total for 2018 was also 92% below the peak of the migratory crisis in 2015.”

According to Frontex, the drop was due to the dramatic fall in the number of migrants taking the Central Mediterranean route to Italy. The number of detections of irregular crossings on this route plunged 80% compared to 2017 to slightly more than 23 000.”

Libya, which is one of Central Mediterranean route countries, has seen a significant decline in the migrant departures from a year ago.

According to Frontex, “the number of departures from Libya dropped 87% from a year ago, and those from Algeria fell by nearly a half. Departures from Tunisia stayed roughly unchanged.”

However, as the Central Mediterranean route witnesses a decline in the number of departures, the Western Mediterranean route has become the most active migratory route into Europe for the first time since Frontex began collecting data.


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