Officer investigating Turkey’s arms ship survives assassination attempt in Khoms

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KHOMS – The officer investigating Turkey’s arms ship survived an assassination attempt in eastern Khoms on Sunday afternoon.

A senior security official told the Al-Marsad newspaper that Capt. Tariq Zariqat, charged with investigating the case by Khoms customs control body, survived an assassination attempt after a car carrying four armed gunmen attacked Zariqat in his car on the road.

Zariqat managed to escape as passers-by provided protection for him before he was taken to a secure location by the city’s policemen.

No group has claimed responsibility for the failed assassination attempt yet, though the security source who spoke to Al-Marsad said that those behind the Turkish arms ship are the ones likely to be responsible.

Three weeks ago, Customs members of the port of Khoms seized a ship coming from Turkey loaded with weapons and ammunition.

The General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) has called on the United Nations Security Council to investigate the incident as it constitutes a violation of international law.

LNA calls on UN Security Council to investigate the shipment of weapons seized at Khoms port


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