After seizure of drug shipment, Libya says Turkey sabotaging security

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MISURATA – In what is being described as the latest development related to reports of Turkish meddling in Libya, to sabotage security in the North African state, Libya’s custom authorities seized a large quantity of drugs at Misrata port inside a 40-foot container.

This has come soon after the seizure of two ships coming from Turkey carrying weapons. These developments have raised warnings of a new stream of weapon supplies to the country from Turkey. Libyan sources said the ship traveled a long way from Turkey to India and then to Libya with eight  million tablets of the drugs tramadol and Artine.

The Libyan National Army accused Turkey of sabotaging Libya’s internal security and warned Ankara of possible preventive measures as well as strict accountability measures. On Monday, Libyan authorities said they seized a shipment of Turkish arms into Libya through the country’s port of Misrata.



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