Armed clashes south of Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – On Wednesday, armed clashes broke out between the Tripoli Protection Force and the 7th Brigade in the Qasr Ben Ghashir area south of Tripoli.

The Ambulance Department announced state of the emergency and deployment of the crews near the clashes, pointing out that there is only one wounded so far and has been transferred to the Tripoli Medical Center.

Education supervision of Qasr Ben Ghashir officially announced the suspension of study.

A source told the Address Journal that the situation inside Tripoli is very normal, stressing that the clashes took place only in the area of Ben Gashir.

Statements by the two sides of the clashes

The 7th Infantry Brigade confirmed its continued commitment to the truce, as it has committed to it over the past months and to work according to the security arrangements approved by the Presidential Council of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA).

The Brigade said that the military incursions and security tension in the south of the capital aims to destabilize and drag the region into a new war.

The Brigade held the Head of GNA responsible for any escalation and called on him to restrain the armed forces and force them to implement the agreed security arrangements.

On the other hand, said the Tripoli Protection Force, “it’s been for the past periods working to give priority to homeland and citizen’s interest, but some groups of Kharijites and infiltrators who broke up the hands of obedience to the guardian (GNA), and who hide under the cover of Tarhouna tribe, which is innocent of their deeds, wanted to ignite the fuse of war with the disorder they make that they draw its fuel from the financiers and traders of Libya Dawn war n the past.

The Force said in a statement, “We will not stand idly by about what is being plotted in the darkness by these Kharijites, most evil of creation, who violated the Quran and Sunnah and put it behind their backs. We will stand putting ourselves and our souls a wall dam impervious to everyone attempting to tamper with the stability of the capital.”


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