UNHCR Commissioner: Political settlement will help Libya overcome migration crisis

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

CAIRO – UNHCR Commissioner, Filippo Grandi, stated in a press conference in Cairo that what Libya needs is to help enforce the rule of law rather than just maritime support, as well as aid to stop illegal trafficking in people.

Grandi stressed that the United Nations’ efforts are being made to help and alleviate the crisis, which will be resolved only through a political settlement between the parties in Libya.

He pointed out that the European and African leaders have invested in one aspect of this issue; the establishment of a camp for refugees and illegal immigrants in Libya, but this “does not solve the problem because the solution must be comprehensive and balanced.”

“If I’m a refugee, an immigrant or anyone who goes to such a center, I will do anything to get out of it, even if I know the risk of death is very high,” he said.

Grandi expressed his regret that the issue of migration and refugees had been used for internal political purposes in European countries.


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