Court to issue its ruling on the case of ‘Hamas cell’ in February, reports

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – A court has set the date of February 20th to issue its verdict regarding members of a cell of the Palestinian Hamas movement, arrested by the capital’s security services more than a year ago, according to media reports.

A series of hearings were held over the past months to prosecute the cell members whom the Public Prosecution accused of premeditated planning to harm Libya’s national security. Witnesses in the case testified before the court that tried the cell.

Members of the cell, Marwan al-Ashqar, Bara’a al-Ashqar, Mu’ayyad Abid and Naseeb Bashir, were accused by the Public Prosecution of belonging to an organization that is not authorized to work on the Libyan territory, which makes it a prohibited foreign organization according to Libyan law.

The defendants confessed that they planned to access classified information related to the national security of the country. They also sought to organize arms trade and smuggling it from the Libyan territory to the Gaza Strip in particular. Firearms were seized in their possession at the time of their arrest in the summer of 2017.

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