Conte calls for an “international pressure” to resolve the Libyan crisis

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

N’DJAMENA – Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, stressed the need for an international pressure, under the leadership of the United Nations, to resolve the Libyan crisis.

Conte stated, in an interview with La Stampa, that such pressure must be exercised without competition from some foreign parties, which could lead to harmful destabilization.

“I personally put pressure on the Libyan parties very much because they understand the responsibilities they have to their people, whom demand stability and prosperity only… The Libyans must find a solution to the interests of their citizens,” Conte said.

Italy is affected by the crisis in Libya, which become one of the main migration routes in the Mediterranean. Conte’s government organized a conference on Libya last year in Palermo which so far produced little, if any, results.

However, the Italian premier acknowledges that the Palermo conference wasn’t mean to resolve the Libyan crisis once and for all.

“I have never fooled myself that the Palermo Conference could provide a final solution; I said that the international community has to take responsibility and we were the first to commit ourselves to taking action to avoid a possible escalation of the armed conflict,” He said, in a reference to the month-long deadly clashes that occurred in Tripoli last year; three months before the Palermo conference took place.

When asked about that supposed ‘competition’ between Italy and France in Libya, Conte answered, “our policy excludes any new colonial domination or orientation which is a comprehensive approach, and I think it would be wrong for European countries to show competition on the African continent,”

Conte was visiting Libya’s southern neighboring countries during the past two days. He arrived in Niger on Tuesday and flew to Chad on Wednesday.