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Delegation from Italian Chamber of Commerce tours Cyrenaica

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – A delegation from the Italian Chamber of Commerce headed by Franco Damiano visited Benghazi, Bieda, and Tobruk, accompanied by Italy’s Rai TG1 TV station.

They started their tour in the city by visiting the newly appointed mayor of Benghazi in the municipality parlor, then went on to the seaport of Juliana. They also examined the extent of the damage in the University of Benghazi and the city center as a result of of the successful war against the global terror of ISIS and their Islamic allies.

They were stunned to see the destruction that did not even spare their own historic consulate in the heart of Benghazi. They finished the day by visiting Barqa Company for construction and real-estate investment.

On the following day, they went to meet with Central Bank Governor in his office in Benghazi, where they discussed opportunities and horizons of business investment and reconstruction strategies in all Libya. They also met Benghazi-Elmreisa Free-Zone management and investment authorities in the presence of the Council of Business Entrepreneurs.

They concluded their day by strolling in the streets of Benghazi and Cafes and ended up chatting to youngsters in the Libyan Italian Center of languages.

Afterwards, they headed to the Green Mountains to meet with the Interim Government officials in al-Beida. They met with the deputy prime minister, education and economics ministers. They concluded their trip by going to the furthest eastern city of Tobruk, where the Libyan Parliament is.

They were welcomed by the mayor of Tobruk and visited the seaport and saw all sorts of fish which live in Tobruk’s 25 bays the European markets badly need. It is worth noting that this is the first time that European commercial delegation of this high eminence tour Cyrenaica after its liberation from ISIS and their local Islamic allies.

This is a further proof of the stability and security that this part of Libya enjoys due to the visible presence of the National Army and state security apparatus.


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