Amazigh celebrate new year in Libyan village Yefran

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Amazigh new year (2969) was celebrated in the Libyan village of Yefran during the night between January 12 and January 13 by the Amazigh population, often referred to as the ‘Berbers’ of North Africa.

The day is not recognized as a national holiday in the country. ”The Amazighs could not dare to practice any rites or celebrate this day publicly during Gaddafi’s era,” one Amazigh man told ANSA.

The Nafusa Mountains, also known as ‘Western Mountain’, contains the largest number of Amazigh villages and tribes in Libya and are located in the western Tripolitania region of northwestern Libya.

The Amazigh are the original inhabitants of the country and Yefran is considered one of the most important and oldest Amazigh villages in the Nafusa Mountains.


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