WHO condemns unceasing attacks on civilians, health facilities in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – World Health Organization (WHO) condemns unceasing attacks on civilians and health facilities in Libya
Tripoli on January 18, 2019, WHO stated.

At least 16 including 6 civilians were killed by the latest armed clashes in Tripoli. Some lost their lives as they were fleeing the indiscriminate shelling in Aziziyah and Qasr Ben Ghshir in Tripoli.

Today, Ali Omar Askar hospital in As Sabea was evacuated after it was encircled by the clashes and a shelling hit the facility. The hospital has been vital to receive and treat injuries since the clashes erupted on January 16. The Emergency and Ambulance department reported that one of the field ambulance was targeted by a shelling, according to WHO.

“Civilians are paying the heavy price of the direct and indiscriminate shelling of the continuing clashes in Tripoli. Health facilities are exposed to endless attacks, raiding and damaging. I call on parties to the conflict to refrain from targeting civilians and health facilities. I remind parties to the conflict that attacks on civilians and health facilities is a breach of International Humanitarian Law,” said the Head of Mission of the World Health Organization country office, Dr Syed Jaffar Hussain.


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