Military Women’s Forum holds a preparatory meeting in Benghazi

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI –  The first preparatory meeting of the Military Women’s Forum was held Saturday morning in the Libyan National Army’s Department of Counselling.

The meeting was chaired by Col. Saleh Al-Khazni, during which many topics related to female members of the military and security establishment were discussed.

Maj. Gen. Fajria Al-Barasi told The Address that the meeting “comes in preparation for a comprehensive forum for military women country-wide, taking into account the security and social circumstances of the women who carry military status or are part of security bodies, such as police and customs.”

“The forum aims to show the women’s military work from the February 17 uprising until Operation Dignity and the fight against terrorism. The forum also calls for female military members to return to work and not to marginalize the female component within the military establishment.” Al-Barasi said.


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