The Times: British police express anger of GNA’s “false promises” regarding brother of Manchester Arena bomber

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LONDON – British counter-terrorism detectives have expressed anger at the Tripoli-based government’s “false promises” after it again delayed extradition of the Manchester bomber’s brother, who was expected back in Britain last year.

According to British newspaper The Times, Prime Minister of the Tripoli-based government, Fayez Al-Sarraj, assured the British authorities last November that the “legal procedure” relating to the extradition of Hashem Abedi, whose brother Salman killed 22 people at Manchester Arena in May 2017, would be completed before Christmas.

However, this weekend it emerged that Abedi’s return from Libya, where he has been detained by militias funded by the Tripoli-based Interior Ministry since the attack, “may take many more months”, according to The Times which cited a senior counter-terrorism police source involved in the case.

“It seems we were hoodwinked by the false promises made by the Libyan authorities last year. There’s very little hope now that Hashem Abedi will be deported any time soon to be tried here,” The Times quoted its source as saying.

The newspaper quoted another source, whom said that he was in contact with the Tripoli’s government, saying: “It is not certain whether Al-Sarraj has the authority to carry out his promises on the deportation of Hashem Abedi to Britain.”

Abedi was detained by the so-called Special Deterrence Force after his brother carried the deadly terror attack in Manchester Arena two and half years ago.

Greater Manchester police (GMP) said counter-terrorism officers had been granted a warrant for Hashem’s arrest in November 2017.

GNA to extradite brother of Manchester bomber at the request of British Government


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