Libya’s ambassador to Italy: We need more aid to stop migrant departures

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Libya’s ambassador to Italy, Omar Tarhuni, stated on Friday that last year Libya blocked 80% of migrant departures to Europe, but we need help to keep these people in the centers and for repatriations.”

Tarhuni was appointed by the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) late last year. He did not have a diplomatic career prior to his assignment.

the ambassador praised the work of Libyan Coast Guard but says that his government needs more aid.

“We have asked Italy, Europe and the UN to help us economically to repatriate migrants. Libya is not able to keep all these people, in 2018 about 500 thousand people arrived.”

Tarhuni said that Italy “is a friend of the Libyan people” and added that Italy “must be able to talk with everyone, with all the personalities who have a position in Libya,”

Tarhuni then makes the point on the Treaty of Friendship and cooperation signed in 2008.

“We are working to reactivate it. the Italian government has given its availability. We have some difficulties; we must form an Italian-Libyan committee to implement all commitments in all sectors,”

In fact, he specifies, on issues related to immigration and defense, Italy and Libya are already collaborating.

Tarhuni dismissed the recent strife among GNA’s members, particularly Fayez Al-Sarraj and his deputies, as “normal political dialectics,” He said that “even in the Italian government there are discussions among the allies,”

Three senior members of GNA’s Presidential Council, including Ahmed Maiteeq, signed a joint statement two weeks ago accusing Al-Sarraj of making unilateral decisions, isolating his deputies and endangering GNA’s unity all in pursuit of “transnational alliances and interim international recognition.”

PC senior members accuse Al-Sarraj of excluding them politically


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